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There are a range of protection policies we can advise on.

Life Insurance.

Life insurance can help ensure your loved ones can cover the expenses and debts upon your unexpected demise. Policies such as Mortgage Protection insurance can help pay off your outstanding mortgage in the event of death or terminal illness. 

Our trusted partnered insurance advisors can ensure you get the right professional advice to provide peace of mind to protect and look after your family’s financial lifestyle. The insurer pays out a lump sum upon death to your beneficiary.

Critical Illness Cover.

You are more likely to be diagnosed with a medical condition than to die. Critical illness cover pays out a one-off lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the ‘critical illnesses’ stated in an insurer’s critical illness policy. 

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Income Protection.

Income protection policy pays out a percentage of your gross annual earnings monthly for sickness, accident, or injury until you can work again, or until you retire, die, or the term of the policy expires. This aims to help safeguard your financial commitments until you recover and resume your normal lifestyle. 

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Business Protection.

Business protection can help protect businesses from financial losses in the events of key people such as business owners or employees – dying, being diagnosed with a critical illness, or being unable to work due to disablement, Thus, giving your company reassurance & long-term stability should something happen to them. 

Private Medical Insurance.

Private medical insurance policy will provide you with fast access to high-quality private medical facilities and will include medical treatments when and where it suits you. It also plays a very important role as it will help fund the costs of any early diagnosis and treatment for some conditions subject to the insurer’s policy.

Property Insurance.

Property insurance has multiple products to assist with; home/ buildings cover, contents cover, landlords insurance, rent protection, tenants contents cover. Providing you with financial reimbursement in the event of a successful claim, subject to the insurer’s policy. 

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Our partners advisors have access to a large range of insurance providers. The panel is representative of whole of market and includes market leading insurers.  

Insurers inspect a range of risk factors such as type of insurance policy, the sum assured your age, occupation, and your health profile. One of our partnered protection advisors will provide you with a quote after establishing your demands & needs and researching the most suitable policy for you.

Every insurance provider has a different range of policy terms and methods of risk calculation. One of our partnered protection advisors will be able to determine the best insurance provider for your needs and circumstances.

We have helped connect 1000's of people to their perfect protection advisor. Our advisors have provided bespoke solutions for clients in prime locations across the UK. In London such as Mayfair, Chigwell, Harrow, Southall, Croydon; we have helped people in other major cities: Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool.

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